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Strada Dog, Catalonia sausage, Dijon cilantro aioli, pickle   8

Dijon Turkey, hickory smoked turkey, Manchego cheese, organic mixed wild greens, Dijon cilantro aioli, tomato    9

Gypsy Bacon, gypsy style applewood smoked lean bacon, chipotle aioli, roasted peppers, tomato, avocado, green onion   9

The Nomad, paprika smoked pork belly, gypsy bacon, tomato, pickle, chipotle aioli, avocado, Manchego cheese   10

Lomo, dry cured loin, red wine bathed cheese, extra virgin oil, roasted bell peppers   11

Tuna Salad (cold), onion, dill, mayo, house touch, tomato   9

Pamplona Chorizo, Manchego cheese, chorizo Pamplona style, avocado, roasted peppers   10

Sobrasada Quince, Manchego cheese, sobrasada (soft sausage), quince spread, tomato    10

Jamon Serrano,  12 months dry aged jamon, crushed garlic, wine bathed cheese, tomato   12

Kosher Prosciutto, beef prosciutto, red wine bathed goat cheese, tomato, mango   12

 Cali Beef, beef prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, spinach, Dijon aioli   14

Meater, lomo, sobrasada, chorizo, bacon, Manchego cheese, pickle    13

Roasted Graze (vegan), spinach, balsamic glaze,olive oil, avocado, tomato, cucumber, roasted bell pepper    9

All sandwiches are served with our House Salad: mixed greens, walnuts, tomato, marinated mango

Bites & Shares

Side House Salad (vegan),   3.5

Ciabatta toast,   3

House Marinated Olives (vegan),   5

The Guac (vegan), one avocado, garlic, cilantro, lime, tomato, pomegranate seeds (when in season), charred ciabatta   8.5

Canned Sardines, dill, onion, lemon wedge, pepper, charred ciabatta   6

Bruschetta (vegan & omnivore), tomato, garlic, cilantro, basil, extra vergin olive oil, balsamic glase, sea salt, pepper lightly charred ciabatta   6.5 (with Jamon +$3)

One Impaler, pork belly, Catalonia sausagemango, pickles

roasted bell pepper, green onion, tomato,    7.5



Sand Brewed Coffee    5 

Hand Squeezed & Muddled:

Classic Lemonade    4/4.5

Basil, Mint, Cucumber Lemonade    4.5/5

4 Berry (rasp, straw, black & blue)    4.5/5

Pineapple, Banana Lemonade    4.5/5

Peach, Pear, Apricot Limeade    4.5/5

Grape, Mint Limeade    4.5/5

Organic hibiscus iced tea    3/3.5

Order Delivery:


 Door Dash






Salad & Bowl

House Mix, organic wild mixed greens, spinach, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic glaze, fresh ground pepper, walnuts, marinated mango   7

Kale, roasted pine nuts, lemon juice, virgin oil, tomato, red wine bathed goat cheese, pomegranate seeds (when in season), orange, tajin, oregano,  mango   9

Beets, organic wild mixed greens, walnuts, green onion, mango, lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Valdeon blue cheese (soft)   9

Avocado Mix, avocado, organic wild mixed greens, mango, roasted bell peppers, green onion, turmeric, Manchego cheese, pomegranate seeds (when in season) extra virgin oil, balsamic vinegar   10

Strada 5 Caprese, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, avocado, balsamic glaze, virgin olive oil, fresh ground pepper, walnuts   11

 Vegan Ceviche, mango, lime, onion, avocado, tomato, cilantro, extra virgin oil, serrano chile, charred ciabatta     10

Kale Roast (vegan & omnivore), lightly charred kale, paprika, extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, tajin, sea salt, tomato, pine nuts, orange, tomato, lemon zest, extra virgin oil   10 (awesome with pork belly or gypsy bacon + $2.75)

Duck Prosciutto, spinach, walnuts, orange, peach, tomato, basil, lemon zest, extra virgin oil   14


Ceviche, Fresh Red Snapper, lime, onion, avocado, tomato, cilantro, virgin oil, serrano chile   12

Ceviche de Poke, Alaskan salmon, ahi tuna, lime juice, onion, avocado, tomato, cilantro, extra virgin oil, chili, soy sauce, sesame oil, dill, mango, cucumber   15

Mojama, Sun dried ahi tuna loin, bread, onion, tomato, roasted almonds   14

Poke Classic, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce, onion, chili, macadamia nuts, avocado, lemon, seaweed, greens, no rice   13

Ahi Tuna Steak Burger, chipotle cilantro aioli, soy, sesame oil & seeds, spinach, lemon zest, lemon juice    15

 Country Charcuterie

The Taste, lomo, sobrasada, gypsy bacon, Pamplona chorizo, green onion, fig cake, house marinade olives, jalapeno mango salsa, ciabata bread    22

The Cured, The Taste + jamon Serrano, red wine bathed goat cheese, quince spread    29

The Embrace, The Cured + beef prosciutto, Valdeon blue cheese, buffalo mozzarella    41

After 4PM

Salmon Filet, Broiled Alaskan wild salmon, paprika, chili flakes, turmeric, butter, lightly charred cauliflower   18

Ahi Tuna Steak, chipotle cilantro aioli, soy, sesame oil & seeds, spinach, lemon zest, fresh ground pepper, macadamia nuts  18

Whiskey BBQ Baby Back Ribs, paprika pork belly, tajin  17.5

The Impaler, Two skewers of paprika pork belly, Catalonia sausage, roasted bell pepper, green onion, tomato, mango, roasted culiflower   15


Fruit Tart   5

Savarina   5

Mini creme brule   3.5


Allergens: please notify us of any allergies.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.