Art Exhibit

Off Artwalk Series:

Selected pieces by Jayme ‘ MOD DIETCH”

At Strada Eateria & Coffee
119 E. 5TH ST, DTLA 90013

September 15th, 2017 – October 15th, 2017

Graduated from PARSONS Art college NY
Presented are a selection of Oil On Canvas and Mixed Media Paper.
This is the first complete display of series ‘In The Minds Eye’ curated by
Robin Nixon.

Jayme “MOD DIETCH” has focused her creative career in fashion and fine Art
since graduation from Parsons. Mid career in the early 2000’s Jayme
developed chronic Bi Polar disorder that led to a spiral of decent into near

Robin Nixon a Grammy Governor and Producer stepped in to
stabilize her situation and rescue her from the streets. With his understanding
of her skill and safe place of ART he gave her a studio, materials and support
to rehabilitate her situation through painting. Many of the works on display are
abstract self portraits.

This fascinating series truly dives directly in to her
incredible interpretation of what she was feeling and how she saw herself
during this manic state of being. After a year of recovery, on going care and
adjustment Jayme “MOD DIETCH’ is back in New York and continuing her
career in the Arts.
Robin Nixon learned about mental health and the fragile mind from this
extraordinary experience and went on to form G.O.A.L. Advocacy a non profit
care and outreach program for mentally disabled homeless Women. Now in
it’s 11th year he and partner Dennis Davis have rescued hundreds of lives and
continue to serve the homeless community of Los Angeles.

Visit www.GIFTOFALIFE.Com for more details. Profits from Sales will be
directed to their Foundation.


After spending the last 50 years working with film directors like: Ridley Scott,
Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch and Michael Mann, Ron Garcia, ASC, is turning his attention to interpersonal transformation of dreams, reflections and memories by morphing his painted photographs from reality to abstracts.



The Art of Eric Berry

“Reintroducing The Work …

The birth of Derrière la vitre, also known as Behind the Glass, occurred on December 31, 2013 inside a Parisian cafe very similar to the one you find yourself in now.
This work was first shown during a solo exhibit in January 2015 and is now on display for a limited time here at Strada Eateria & Coffee.
Birth of a Collection …
People watching over an espresso in Pigalle, fine art photographer Eric Berry noticed the silhouette of a woman in a shop window across the street.
He’s still not sure what the lady behind the glass was doing, but found the enthusiasm of her motions captivating. You could argue, with some success, that he found her infinitely more interesting than the nearby toddler becoming acquainted with it’s own vocal power.
Upon returning home to DTLA weeks later, Eric attempted to recreate the magic of the stranger’s silhouette by shooting a companion’s figure through a smoked glass door.
He did not however attempt to recreate the screaming soundtrack to the woman’s visuals.
What he found after a few minutes of adjustments on his camera is what you see here today: Derrière la vitre. Over the next five months, Eric would shoot ten other women behind the same smoked glass door.
Limiting their direction, he instead offered them liberation by asking that they view the glass as a canvas and their physical expressions as paint.
Each model relied on intuitive emotion, melody and lyric to help convey mood. Rhye, The Black Keys, Little Dragon, Alt-J served as unknowing collaborators. Each model’s external presentation of themselves manifested in different ways: some were athletic, others sensual, stoic … sexual.
Witnessing and capturing the transformation of these women behind the glass was magical.
There are no filters used on these prints, no Photoshop manipulation, no digital distortion.
This series was created by employing lighting technique, internal white balance manipulation, manual focus and tedious printing techniques.
“I do hope that you enjoy the work and try to keep in mind while looking at the prints what the model could have been trying to convey in her portrait and what music may have assisted her in the manifestation of that expression,” Eric says.